Teaching Innovations

Guest Lecture at University of Toronto during the Pandemic

In late Summer 2020 I was invited by Dr Lyndsey Copeland to guest lecture in The World of Popular Music course this Fall at the University of Toronto. Upon hearing that she was having the 300+ students read one of my chapters on hip hop in Saskatchewan and then submit questions, we decided to change up the format from lecture presentation style to an interview/ discussion wherein I would answer as many questions that I could from the students. Both Lyndsey and I felt good about how it all went, considering we were attempting to be innovative in our teaching during this pandemic. I have decided to include this as part of my innovation in teaching during these Covid times. 

Q & A Session with Dr Marsh, University of Toronto, October 2020

Below you will find a number of additional examples of teaching innovations from throughout my career that I want to draw your attention to.