Research Philosophy & Practice

I am both a scholar and an artist, and these roles are embedded deeply within how I design and contemplate my programs of research. As a popular music scholar, an interdisciplinary media artist, and a musician, my theoretical and methodological frameworks are drawn from multiple disciplines and thus, I am able to think, create, write, play, and make in and outside the boxes that can constrain academics. 


From the perspective of a community-based researcher, I am always looking to find meaningful ways to give back to the communities within which I work. This often comes first and foremost from what the communities and people I am working with need or want from the research partnership; what makes the most sense to and for them! As an academic who is both a scholar and maker, I am able to provide even more opportunities for different kinds of dissemination and engagement. 


What I have done in this section is broken my research into the following categories: 


End of and Era: A Celebration! - the documentation of the end of my CRC celebration


IMP Labs - which contains multiple research projects


Publications - edited collection, scholarly articles, book chapters, magazine articles, interviews


Documentaries - 4 documentary projects


Media Arts - multiple projects (encompassing audio, video, sound composition, etc.)


Performance Collaborations - Abrupt Dystopia, Scott Collegiate/ IMP Labs Performances, GRR showcases


Artist-in-Residencies and Curatorial Projects


Public Dissemination - keynotes, public talks, conferences, etc.


Post-Doctoral Fellows - the Fellows and their research


Ongoing Research Projects - the projects that are still in the works


Fitting my research projects and all the aspects of research dissemination into these categories has been tricky. My work is challenging to contextualize into tidy compartments. It is messy and for me, this is the most conducive to exploration, analysis, engagement, performance, and play.