Hip Hop Hybrid studio/ studies course

Hip Hop Cultures, Politics, Identities is a hybrid course combining both studies and studio elements. I developed this course in 2012-2013 as part of my research program. Since then I have revised this course a number of times for the Creative Technologies and the Music Programs for second and third year lecture/ lab-based courses. I am also teaching this course (re-formatted somewhat due to Covid-19) in Winter 2021. 


The students are required to attend lectures and labs, complete written work in exams and critical analyses, as well as lab assignments consisting of a number of the art practices found within hip hop (i.e. write and perform a rap, create and perform a DJ set, create and perform a b-girl/boy routine, create and perform a beat-box set, and create a graffiti work). The submission and performance of all assignments (written and production based work) are required to pass the course. The students are challenged to work outside their comfort zone in at least one area, and in my experience of teaching this course, the students have been incredibly supportive of each other, specifically when they feel vulnerable during performances or showing their artistic work.