Line of Flight radio project

I designed Line of Flight as an innovative class radio project to work against the gendering of technology as masculine, and other kinds of gatekeeping associated with audio production and technologies. The radio project was integrated into the two courses I was teaching, Themes in Popular Music, as well as an interdisciplinary upper level seminar called Art and Technology in the 20th and 21st Centuries. 


As part of this project, the students were asked to create content for a weekly radio show, and come present their work live on air. The students were actively engaged in learning not only the course content through this project, but they were also introduced to and learned how to work the technologies associated with live on-air radio production. From start to finish, in small groups the students had to develop content for a show based on the course themes, readings, and artworks being explored, write a script including examples that were intelligible to the radio listeners, and then broadcast the show live. As producer of the show, I oversaw the various aspects of the project, co-hosted the show, and taught the students how to use the tech involved in live on-air production. Below is just a small sample of dozens of radio episodes that I co-produced with students for Line of Flight.

Feb 3, 2005 part 1
00:00 / 30:29
Feb 3, 2005 part2
00:00 / 22:35
May12, 2005 part 1
00:00 / 32:43
May12, 2005 part 2
00:00 / 25:35
March 24, 2005 part 1
00:00 / 24:52
March 24, 2005 part2
00:00 / 32:11
Dec 1, 2005 part 1
00:00 / 30:41
Dec1, 2005 part 2
00:00 / 26:10