In and Out of the Sound Studio

As part of the FA 300 Art and Technology in the 20th and 21st Centuries seminar, the students were asked to create an art piece and a written response to their work in relation to the theoretical material taught in the course. As part of The Flatland Scratch Seminar and Workshop Series I invited Dr Andra McCartney to come and present in the series and in the class on her soundwalking and audio research. After that visit, Dr McCartney hosted a symposium at Concordia University called In and Out of the Sound Studio, and invited me to participate. Rather than present on my own, I invited three of my top students to present their projects with me on a panel that I moderated. Although not overly innovative in scope - having students present their work at a symposium - the innovation for me was around mentorship and working collaboratively together with upper level undergraduate students to take up the call to action presented to us by Dr McCartney to engage publicly in research associated with technologies often gendered as male territory. With my CRC funds and additional support from the Dean's office, I was able to support the students in our travels to the symposium in Montreal where they presented their artistic works at a scholarly conference.