Ongoing Research Projects

Currently, I am working on a number of research and artistic projects that are relevant to this application and my overall body of work. These works range in various stages with some near completion and others somewhere between midway and completion. The progress of these works has been significantly impacted by Covid-19 and the additional responsibilities of care that I, like many others, have had to navigate.



Sister Stranger: a short (14 mins) documentary on the band Sister Stranger who was newly formed at the GRRown Ups Camp in March 2020 (in collaboration with Evie Ruddy and Elian Mikkola).

Scholarly Writing Projects


I am co-editing (along with C. Jennex) a special issue on Queer Musicking for the MusiCultures Journal. We are in the final stages and now awaiting the release of the journal in Winter 2021. 

I am in the process of writing two manuscripts: one is dedicated to thinking through “the abject” in relation to the music, performance, reception, and ageing of musicians Peaches and Tanya Tagaq; and the other is exploring the impact of the improvisatory practices, creative innovation, and interdisciplinary

Sister Stranger band

Sister Stranger

engagement that is necessary for musicians living in Saskatchewan, including the artists Natural Sympathies, Eekwol and T-Rhyme, HomoMonstrous, Forced Femme, Megan Nash, Belle Plaine, and GRR adult bands, Team Player and Abrupt Dystopia. 

Since Covid times began in March 2020, I have also co-produced, along with Evie Ruddy, and my 4 and 6 year old children, a weekly radio show called Imagine This Music! for 91.3FM CJTR. In June 2020 I presented a talk as part of the HRI co-sponsored Living Heritage series, entitled, Imagine This!: Reflections on 91.3FM CJTR Regina’s Community Radio Programming for Kids During the Covid-19 Pandemic. This talk has transitioned into an article and will be submitted for a journal publication whose theme is focusing on creative practices within the Pandemic and children. 


Course Development: Interactive Media and Digital Storytelling


This Fall I was given a course release to research and create a new compulsory hybrid course for the Creative Technologies program on Interactive Media and Digital Storytelling. The course will be both studies and studio based, offering both critical theoretical learning and hands-on practical skill development. The course is set to be offered in Fall 2021. 


Media Arts Project


This is a mixed media project encompassing video, still photography, and sound, which explores the concepts of caring for the self and others, while drawing on Haraway's vision for sympoiesis and "staying with the trouble" (2016). My aim is to artistically think through this theoretical framing in relation to the six and a half consecutive years that I nursed my children, which has only recently come to an end in June 2020. 


Music Performance and Songwriting


Abrupt Dystopia has completed writing five songs, and began composing three others towards the production of our first album called, We're Watching. Once we feel safe enough and are able to return to a recording studio, we will continue to move ahead with recording. Our goal is to finish songwriting in Winter 2021 and record in the Spring 2021.