Post Doctoral Fellows Supervision

Banting Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Mark Campbell (2013-2015)

Title: Control This!: The Emancipatory Possibilities of Hip Hop's Digital Turn

SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Craig Jennex (2018-2019)

Title: Music Cultures, Liberation Politics, and the Promise of Queer Collectivity

Dr. Maren Hancock - applicant under review

Title: Living in COVIDEO: The Coronavirus' Impact on Canadian DJs

CRC Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Graham St. John (2008-2009)

Title: Fear and Raving: Panic and Desire in Electronic Music Culture


Dr. Marcia Ostashewsk (2008; 6 months)

Title: Mixed Media: Cultural Performance and Production of Canada's Aboriginal-Ukranians