Scott Collegiate/ IMP Labs Hip Hop Project Performances

An integral aspect of the Scott Collegiate/ IMP Labs Hip Hop Projects I-V was the performance elements. In each project I organized and produced at least two final performances, one for the elementary schools close to the high school, and the other a public performance in the community. The final performance for the first project was held at the Mackenzie Art Gallery in conjunction with the Bob Boyer exhibition, and the other four project final performances were held at the Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange. The students, with support of the IMP Labs research team and myself, created all aspects of the artwork, from the logo design, to the beats, raps, dance performance, and the DJing. As part of each project I also invited a number of professional artists to participate as mentors and perform at the final showcase. We were joined by Def3, Eekwol, Mystic, Info Red, Creasian, Buddha, and so many more throughout the years. 

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