Research Teams

Throughout my tenure as Director of the IMP Labs I have worked with many, many folks who have comprised my research teams. I feel that it is important to list these folks here, along with some images of their work with the youth, each other, and myself!


As a community-based, interdisciplinary researcher who leads a community-focused research program and directs a research lab that is open to the public, members of my IMP Labs’ research team (undergraduate and graduate students, artists, collaborators, community members) are often times the representatives engaging with people and supporting me bringing my visions to life. I am grateful to each of them for their various contributions over the years. 

Ariane Desrosiers

Ben Valiaho

Beverlee Vatamanuk

Brennan Neufeld

Brett Wyatt

Cassandra Ozog

Cat Haines

Chris Merk

Danny Fernandez

Daya Mahur

Elian Mikkola

Elizabeth Bailey

Elizabeth Curry

Erin McLean

Evie Ruddy

Ila Wenaus

Jaecy Bells

Jen Eisler

John Kalyn

Josh Goff

Leisha Grebinski

Lexi Kulscar

Logan Froese

Miranda Mason

Paula Weber

Ringo Jedlic

Ryan Anaskon

Shea Riley

Stephen Warde

Tahirih Vejdani