Girls Rock Regina Camp

When I was on maternity leave with my second child in 2016/ 2017, I saw a call go out on social media asking if there was an interest in Girls Rock Camp in Regina. At that exact moment, the researcher, the mama, and the hidden rockstar in me rose up from the exhaustion of having grown and birthed two babies within a very short period of time and asked if I could host and help organize the first GRR camp in my labs. Little did I know in 2020, three youth camps and two adult camps later, my research and artistic practice would be such a beautifully entangled partnership. GRR brought me back to life professionally, reinvigorated my program of research, and inspired me to be creative musically (learning to play bass, being part of a band, writing songs, creating an album, performing shows) and pushed me to new heights as a media artist (creating, directing, producing documentaries, video artworks, producing radio shows). The 2020 GRRown Up Camp finished the weekend before Saskatchewan went into lockdown because of Covid-19. From this camp, and the recent interviews I conducted with the members of Adult band Sister Stranger, I am about to head into post-production on a new documentary, along with my collaborators Evie Ruddy and Elian Mikkola. 

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