Femme Sound Series

In partnership with SaskMusic, the IMP Labs hosted the Femme Sound Series, as one strategy to move beyond the typical systemic gendered norms around sound, audio engineering, and performance. The three workshops were: #1 A Sound Intro with Jill Mack, #2 Sound Tools, #3 Run a Soundcheck and Troubleshooting. In the first part of the series the skills taught were basic audio terminology and gear requirements for small systems. In the second instalment the focus was on the specifics of an audio console, learning about analogue and digital mixers and taking an in-depth look of a channel strip. We talked about pre-amps, phase, parametric EQs, dynamic processing, buss sends, inputs vs. outputs, inserts, VCAs and effects, and an overall basic intro to mixing, what these tools are and how they are used in a mix. And for the final portion of the series, we focused on how to run a soundcheck efficiently and how to best prepare yourself for the inevitable problems that come with running live shows. The workshops were free and open to the public. We were also targeting girls, women, and non-binary folks of all ages to come participate in the series!