Tale of a Town

Tale of a Town was the first project I was part of after giving birth to my first kiddo. My friend from Curtain Razors Theatre suggested the project involve the IMP Labs. I was brought on initially to support the project technically, but soon found myself immersed in the collection of stories, and creating the video works and audio soundtrack that would become part of the live performance piece. When listening to and editing  the stories, we were swept back to older days in Regina, and thus, we ended up working with lots of old video footage and still images. In short, I created three video works, along with a soundtrack that would play as part of the interactive performance piece - when the audience, who became part of the performance, was brought into the theatre, they were engaged in the old time cinema, and as the performance came to an end. It was a lovely collaboration with some stories from this town at the heart of the piece.

Tale of the Town - Heyday
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