Plain A.I.R.

Plain A.I.R. is an artist-in-residence program on 91.3FM CJTR, Regina’s community radio station. Each month the program features a different local artist, DJ, musician, band or community member as a guest host who programs a month’s worth of live, weekly radio shows.

GRR Radio 1.1
00:00 / 26:12
GRR Radio 1.2
00:00 / 26:04
GRR Radio 2.1 (Cass)
00:00 / 25:56
GRR Radio 2.2 (Leo)
00:00 / 26:22
GRR Radio 3.1 (Amber 1)
00:00 / 25:04
GRR Radio 3.2 (Amber 2)
00:00 / 27:09
GRR Radio 4.1 (Brittany & Belle Plaine)
00:00 / 24:41
GRR Radio 4.2 (Belle Plaine)
00:00 / 27:44
Audio-Mobile: Record, Remix, (Re)search

Audio-Mobile: Record, Remix, (Re)Search was a week-long artist in residency that was co-hosted by Oboro Gallery in Montreal and Dr Owen Chapman, from Concordia University. During my first sabbatical I spent time in Montreal collaborating with Owen,  artists, and youth as a way to think about our research project on interactive media, new technologies, issues of mobility, and creative practices for marginalized youth. I also gave a number of presentations, one at Oboro Gallery that was open to the public, and other talks in university classrooms.