Abrupt Dystopia

Abrupt Dystopia is a 5-piece, all-women rock band which formed at Girls Rock Regina’s Adult Camp in March 2019. In a very short time, our band has grown extremely tight, falling in love with Abrupt Dystopia as a project. After writing our first song, “Capital Hole,” during the weekend-long camp, the band followed up with our next song, “Zipper Merge,” in summer 2019 and recorded both original songs in Fall 2019. Since then the band has written four additional songs and plans to record an album in Spring 2021.  


All members of Abrupt Dystopia have experience in other artistic disciplines such as visual art, dance, poetry, design, media arts, and music. As a shared project, Abrupt Dystopia allows the band members to express their stories and experiences in a new and collaborative way. 


As women in our 30s and 40s -- three of us mothers, two of us women of colour, and three of us queer women -- society does not encourage us to pursue our creative interests, take up space, and be loud about our personal experiences. Abrupt Dystopia enables us to do all of these things together. In making music that reflects our personal experiences, we bring a variety of under-represented perspectives and identities to Regina’s local music scene. In the context of a scene that is still largely dominated by young white men, the existence of our band has the capacity to be helpfully disruptive, and to make space for others of diverse identities to participate.

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