In the past I have had the privilege (and stress) of organizing and hosting four academic conferences here at the University of Regina. Along with each of these I also curated and organized a performance festival, or a variety of performances for the public. To support students, speakers, artists, and dissemination afterwards of the four conferences, I also applied and was awarded a SSHRC Conference/ Connections grant, and most recently, Dr Sheila Petty and I were awarded a SSHRC Connections grant to host an international conference in June 2020 (which has been rescheduled to June 2021 due to Covid-19). 


I consider service to academic communities, both within and outside of my home institution to be a key aspect of my professorial duties. During the years that I held the Canada Research Chair, my administrative committee responsibilities within the faculty were somewhat reduced, as I was expected to serve at a national level. As is evident from the list below, I have regularly participated as part of Tri-Council committees including acting as chair of the Banting Post-Doctoral Fellowship Committee for four years, as assessor for the SSHRC Impact Awards, and as reviewer for SSHRC Insight grants, Insight Development grants, and SSHRC post-Doctoral Fellowships. I currently am still serving on two of these committees. For these committees I am also required (in non-covid years) to fly to Ottawa and spend 2-4 days full days there in committee review meetings. Within the University I have also participated in the SSHRC mentorship program, participated on the committees as an assessor for master and doctoral SSHRC applications, served on the University Strategic Planning Committee, the Council Committee for Research, and began the process of creating a post-doctoral policy for the UofR.  


Another aspect of my service is to adjudicate CRC nominations, and other research chair candidate's, and serve as reviewer for interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary applications which cross over the three Tri-Council bodies (SSHRC, CIHR, and NSERC). 


As a scholar of popular music, popular culture, hip hop, youth culture, queer culture, media arts, and community-based arts programming, I am often consulted by media, school board's and teacher's associations, and arts organizations for policy and program development, and/or research expertise. I have listed many of the organizations that I have consulted with below.


Combining my research expertise with service to the community has also enabled me to act as juror for many competitions found within the Music, Arts, and Performance governing and granting bodies. Along with this service, I have also found a place to contribute as a board member for Girls Rock Regina, 91.3 FM CJTR, the Regina Folk Festival, and other non-profit arts and movement dedicated organizations. 


Other kinds of service, to student mentorship, communities with whom I collaborate, and research partners are explained in the sections on Research and Teaching.

Conference Organization

Transnational Screen Media Practices: Safeguarding Cultural Heritage. (with S. Petty) UofR, June 2021.

Roles: Co-Chair and Organizer, Programming, Festival Curator

Sounding Justice. National Conference for IASPM-Canada (with Congress) UofR, 2018.

Roles: Conference, Chair, Organizer, Performance Curator

Current Ethnomusicologies. National Conference for CSTM. Mâmawêyatitân Center, 2018. 

Roles: Conference, Chair, Organizer, Performance Curator

Sites of Resistance, Spaces of Violence: Music, Media, and Performance. Joint National Conference for IASPM-Canada and CSTM, UofR, 2010

Roles: Conference, Chair, Organizer, Program Committee, Festival Curator

Helping Kids Thrive. National Conference. Regina, 2011

Role: Organizing Committee

Spanning the Distance: Popular Music in Canada. National Conference for IASPM-Canada, UofR, 2006

Roles: Conference, Chair, Organizer, Program Committee, Festival Curator


National and International Service to Tri-Council Associations

Chair, Banting Post-Doctoral Fellowship Adjudication Committee, 2012-2016

Banting Post-Doctoral Fellowship Adjudication Committee, 2020-2022

SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship Adjudication Committee, 2020-2023

SSHRC Impact Awards Committee, Adjudicator, 2019-2020

SSHRC Insight Grant Assessor, 2011-2012

SSHRC Insight Development Grant - Aboriginal, 2011

Banff Research and Culture, Reviewer, 2011


Scholarly Organization Governance

IASPM-Canada, President, 2007-2012

IASPM-Canada, Executive Member 2016

IASPM-US/ IASPM-Canada, Program Committee Member, 2016

CSTM, Board Member and Conference Organizing Committee, 2011

IASPM-Canada Student Paper Prize Committee, 2013

IASPM-Canada, Chair of Programming Committee


Advisory and Editorial Boards for Scholarly Journals

Jouissance Journal - Advisory Board Member and Reviewer, ongoing

Dance-Cult Journal for Electronic Dance Music - Advisory Board Member and Reviewer, 2007-ongoing

MusiCultures - Editorial Board Member, 2013-2019

Australia-Canada Film Music Research Group, Advisor, 2008-2009


Reviewer (CRC and Institutional)

CRC Applications 

To date I have reviewed and ranked applications for five CRC nominations

Institutional Program Reviews (External Reviewer)

Cultural Mediations Graduate Program, Carleton University

Professional Music Program, Ryerson University, 2019


Reviewer for Journals 

I have reviewed multiple articles for each of these journals:




IASPM Journal of Popular Music

Journal for the Critical Studies in Improvisation

Canadian Journal for Communications


Women and Music

Journal of Popular Music and Society


Provincial/Local (Board Member, Juror)

Girls Rock Regina, Organizing Crew, Board Member, Researcher, Facilitator 2017-ongoing

91.3 FM CJTR Regina Community Radio, Board Member 2020-2023

Cathedral Community Association Board, 2014-2016

Sask Music Member, Juror, Research Consultant - ongoing

Western Canadian Music Awards, Juror - ongoing

SK Arts - juror - ongoing

Saskatchewan Weightlifting Association, Board Member, Consultant, 2013-2015

FACTOR, Jury Member 2009

SRIA, Juror, 2008

Regina Folk Festival Board Member, 2004-2006

91.3FM CJTR Programming Committee, 2005-2006


Consultant Service (Local, National, International)

Consultant for MCRI - on mobile technologies - participant/ consultant at 09 November 

research and development meeting with K. Sawchuk -PI (Concordia) - LOI for February 10 

Consultant for Centers of Excellence - Network for Ethnomusicology 

participant/ consultant at 09 November research and development meeting - LOI for 2010 

Consultant for University-School Divisions Transitions Management Committee

Consultant for 2 schools on development of Arts-Smart programming

Consultant for Student New Day Programming

Consultant for Scott Collegiate and Hip Hop Project Development

Consultant for Bert Fox and Hip Hop Project Development

Consultant for O’Neill High School and Hip Hop Project Development 

Consultant for Dr M. Lussier, UQAM

Atelier de chronotopies urbaines, CFI-funded Mobile Lab for documentation and collaboration in the study of popular cultures at UQAM and Chaire de recherché sur les scènes culturelles 

Consultant for Canadian Museum of Civilizations, 2009

Consultation for Non-Profit Organizations

Consultation on various Research and/ or Teaching Projects has occurred at different times with each of the following Local Non-Profit Arts Organizations:

Common Weal

Regina Folk Festival

Sask Music

Street Culture

Fada Dance

New Dance Horizons

Curtain Razors

Girls Rock Regina

Flux School of Human Movement

Saskatchewan Science Centre

MacKenzie Art Gallery

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Cathedral Community Association

Cathedral Community Arts Festival

Flux Community Inc

Prairie Sky School

EYES Engineering and Science Program

YMCA Youth Leadership Program



Dream Weavers

Scott/ Alber Community Centre

Al Ritchie Community Centre

Rainbow Youth Centre

Northern Sport, Culture, and Recreation District

Regina Public School Board

Helping Canadian Kids Thrive

Saskatchewan Teacher’s Association

Paved Arts

 Miscellaneous Productions Inc.

Regina Catholic Schools Teahers’ Association

Lieutenant Governor’s Leadership Forum


Consultation for Media (on Popular Music, Hip Hop, Popular Culture, Gender, etc.)

CBC Radio

Radio Canada

CBC Television


Global Television

Leader Post

Star Pheonix

Prairie Dog



CBC-New Brunswick

CBC-Sask Afternoon Edition (monthly column on music) 2007-2008


University Service

University Committees

Director, IMP Labs ,2007-present

Council Nominating Committee, 2020-2022

Council Committee on Research, CRC Representative, 2012-2014

Special Case PhD Committee - Member, 2014-2017

Indigenous Peoples Health Research - RAC and TAC - Committee Member -2016

Department of Media Graduate Committee 2016

NMSL Researcher and Committee Member, 2007-2015

Search Committee for Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, 2014

Strategic Research Plan Committee, 2011

SSHRC/ President’s Fund Committee, 2011, 2007

CFI Steering Committee, 2009

Public Policy Forum on Retaining Young Talent, UofR Representative, 2009

CFI Sac Member, 2008

SSHRC Internatl Review Committee, 2008

HRI Review Committee, 2008

Consultant on Post-Doctoral Fellowship Policy, ORS, 2008

Faculty Committees

Faculty Council, ongoing

Scholarship and Awards Committee, 2020-2022

Creative Technology Program Committee, ongoing

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs Committee, ongoing

Peer Review Committee, 2009, 2013, 2015, 2018

CREACT CTech Research Group - Researcher/ Member, 2016

MAP Research Committee, 2014

Department of MPS, Studies Committee 2007-2012

Department of MPS, Production Committee 2007-201

Hiring Committees (Music, Creative Technologies)

Fine Arts Strategic Planning Committee, 2008

Music Department - Admissions, Studies, Scholarship, 2004-2006

Music Department - Concert Committee, 2004-2006

Music Department - Recruitment Committee, 2004-2006