Graduate Supervision and Committee work

Completed Degrees:

Elizabeth Bailey, MA in Women and Gender Studies (Co-Supervisor)

Elizabeth Curry, MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Co-Supervisor)

Jesse Goddard, MFA Interdisciplinary Studies (Committee Member)

Leisha Grebinski, MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Co-Supervisor)

Erin McLean-Banko, Music (Committee Member)

Paula Weber, MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Supervisor)

Huang Yanqiong (Eunice), MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Co-Supervisor)


Ongoing Degrees:

Jason Cullimore, PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies (Committee Member)

Cat Haines, MA in Women and Gender Studies (Committee Member)

Ringo Jedlic, MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Supervisor)

Cassandra Ozog, PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies (Committee Member)

Ben Valiaho, MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Supervisor)

Brett Wyatt, MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Supervisor)