Courses Taught

I have had the privilege of teaching courses at the following four universities: 


University of Regina, University of Windsor, Trent University, York University


This list is a selection of courses that I have taught since I began teaching as a course director in 2000. 

Graduate Courses


Theory and Criticism I

Theory and Criticism II

Interdisciplinary Seminar in Research Methodologies

Interactive Media and Performance

Cultures of Sound and Technology

Music and Identity

Feminist Methodologies

Themes in Technology and Culture

Social Media and Cultural Anxieties 


Undergraduate Courses


Hip Hop Cultures, Identities, and Politics

Popular Music Cultures and Technologies

Cultures of Sound and Technology

Popular Music Theory and Practice

Arts and Everyday Life

Technology and Culture

Music and Society

Music and Identity

Music Cultures of the World

Critical Theory in Art and Technology